GABE HOFFMAN -“Why Hollywood is Trying to Cover Up an ‘Open Secret’ About Sex Abuse”

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A new documentary shines a light on the prevalence of child sexual abuse of teen and pre-teenage boys in Hollywood.  “An Open Secret” opens this weekend in Los Angeles and New York – and the producers are concerned that the R-rating it received may keep some people from seeing it. Click here to read more

STEPHANIE BARCLAY – “10th Circuit Court Rules Against Little Sisters of the Poor in HHS Mandate Challenge”

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“Big Brother” in the Department of Health and Human Services scores a “huge victory” – against the Little Sisters of the Poor. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Sisters in their challenge to the HHS mandate on abortifacients and contraceptives Click here to read more Stephanie Barclay Bio

Ben Carson and Rick Santorum Respond to the Planned Parenthood Video

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Two leading GOP candidates voice controversial opinions on ethics and racism in the face of the Planned Parenthood video debacle Ben Carson discussed the sanctity of human life (compared to all of the insects the Left is obsessed with saving), and Rick Santorum suggested that defunding Planned Parenthood would dramatically ease racial tensions   Click here to read more

Judge in OH Refuses to Perform a Same-Sex “Marriage”

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The adage that the fight to legalize same-sex “marriage” is the “new Civil Rights Movement” ran into a roadblock in Ohio last week.  Toledo Municipal Judge C. Allen McConnell is an elder at First Church of God in Columbus. He’s also a member of the local chapter of the NAACP. He declined to officiate for two women because of his …