Court Rules AGAINST Stem Express in Efforts to Suppress Further Videos from Center for Medical Progress

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A major victory for the Center for Medical Progress as a California judge denies a request from StemExpress to prevent CMP from releasing any further videos.   – Ironically Judge Joanne O’Donnell is the same judge who issued the temporary restraining order a couple of weeks ago banning CMP from releasing more video per an investigation. Well now they have investigated …

The White House Notifies Alabama and Louisiana of Potential Penalties for Ending Funding of Planned Parenthood

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The White House has threatened to punish Alabama and Louisiana if they don’t restart state funding of Planned Parenthood. But neither Governor Bentley (of Alabama) or Governor Jindal (of Louisiana) is budging on this one. So who will “blink” first? Survey says . . . the White House SHOULD – but will they? Click here to read more


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After two emergency c-sections for the birth of their 2 sons, Mike and Hayley Jones felt led to adopt another child. So how did they wind up adopting an entire family of children – and from Sierra Leone, no less? Adoption>Abortion The write about their experience in the new book, “At Any Cost: Overcoming Every Obstacle to Bring Our Children …