The President of the United States Addresses the Nation Regarding Terror

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Reaction to the President’s address to the nation last night on the issues of terrorism and gun control. In addition . . . Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the American people in the aftermath of the San Bernardino attacks as well. Also an update on the bomb threat that forced the evacuation and closure of Mira Costa High School …

Laura Story- ‘When God Doesn’t Fix It’

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“What if trials in this life are Your mercies in disguise?” Singer/Songwriter Laura Story posed that question in her award-winning song, “Blessings.”  That song was written during a time of tremendous struggle and hardship in her family stemming from the diagnosis of her husband’s brain tumor. She updates that story and talks about the benefits of spiritual struggles in her …

llinois Girl Makes Crosses to Protect Police Officers

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Meet the 8-year girl who is on a mission to send a cross and a prayer of protection to every police officer and firefighter in the US. Arianna Nichols is from Fargo, Illinois – a town so small the Census Bureau doesn’t even keep track of the population. To date, she has crafted and sent out 6,300 crosses to law enforcement …

SENATE Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood AND Gut Obamacare

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The Senate passes their version of the budget reconciliation which includes not only defunding Planned Parenthood but also stripping several key portions of the Affordable Care Act The measure now goes back to the House where it will pass. Then it’s off to the President’s desk where he has promised to veto it. Read more here