Should Christians Refuse to Sign Divorce Decrees and Other “Sinful” Documents?

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Does the arrest of Kim Davis point out the hypocrisy of Christians who are willing to only fight against particular sins but not all evil? I’ll look at questions like, “Should a Christian refuse to sign off on a divorce decree?” and “Why is it okay to sign a marriage license for two unbelivers who have been cohabitating before marriage?”

New York Court Allows Woman to Opt Out of Receiving Vaccines Made with Aborted Fetal Tissue

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A court in New York has ruled in favor of an Orthodox Christian woman who refused to have her child vaccinated because the vaccines were made from aborted baby body parts (aka “fetal tissue”). I’ll also spotlight the Fox News Channel special report, “Planned Parenthood: The Hidden Harvest” hosted by Shannon Bream which premiers tonight at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific. Read …

Lela Gilbert- “The Irsaeli Perspective Regarding the US/Iranian Nuclear Deal”

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Reports from Capitol Hill yesterday indicate that the President has enough Senators on board to prevent Republicans from blocking his disastrous Iranian nuclear deal – though one Senator is not entirely convinced So if the US and Iran go through with this deal, what does it mean for Israel? Here’s the story about the President getting enough votes to …