Bishop Aubrey Shines

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The radical decision by the US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex “marriage” has ignited members of the clergy to rise up and take a stand against immorality. Bishop Aubrey Shines of Glory to Glory Ministries in Tampa and author of the book, “Homosexuality: What the Media Won’t Tell You” is part of a growing number of black pastors who are …

Feds Change Rules for Giving Grants to Pro-Life Groups Fighting Sex Trafficking

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Remember the courageous battle in the House and Senate to delay funding of a bill to fight sex trafficking victims until a provision requiring funding for “abortion on demand” for the victims was dropped? Well it appears the White House found away around it. Click here to read more

Why Did the President Suddenly Decide that the Release of Saeed Abedini is a Priority?

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Delivering a speech a to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Pittsburgh yesterday, the President acknowledged why the White House FINALLY decided to lower their flags to half-staff to honor the 5 US servicemen murdered by a terrorist in Chattanooga last Thursday. He also issued a “demand” for the release of 4 Americans held hostage in Iran. So . …