Non Citizen Votes

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On the eve of California’s mid-term elections, San Francisco officials are working overtime to make sure that NON-CITIZENS become registered to vote, investing more than $300,000 in the process.

“Roger’s Recommendations” for the 2016 General Election

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For Listeners of “The Bottom Line” Show (and anyone else who might be interested) You can download this article HERE Updated 18 October 2016 Election 2016 appears to be one of the most contentious in recent memory. While the usual Republican vs Democrat rancor is evident, the larger narrative involves pitting the “establishment” against those who feel as though “the …

Look at Ballots After Voting!

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When you go to the polls next Tuesday, watch out that the candidates you voted for were actually selected. Early voters in Maryland caught their ballots switch from Republican votes to Democratic votes. The incident happened in Illinois. The reason for the errors was said to be a “calibration issue” by the Deputy Communications Director.