Angie Gripenwaldt – Looking for a job in your 50’s

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Is it ever to late to “start over” and fulfill a lifelong dream? KBRT’s Angie Gripenwaldt is living proof that, with God all things are possible when it comes to life, faith and work.

Recently downsized out of a job, Angie took the bold step to literally reinvent herself career-wise . . . which is not an easy task for a woman in her mid-50’s.

And here are some of Angie’s personal tips to you:

Job Hunting Tips for Older Job-Seekers


  • Pray! Seek God’s guidance, direction and help.

  • Gather around you a group of people for support, prayer, and encouragement. This can be a small group from your church, your friends and family, or a support group for job-seekers.

  • Sharpen your computer skills. It’s a whole new world!  Gone are the days when you can walk into a business, smile and shake hands.  Most job applications are done exclusively online.  Also, more and more jobs require some computer literacy.  There are many free online computer courses, as well as inexpensive classes at community colleges and local centers.  Take advantage of them.

  • Research the job you want, and learn what you don’t know.

  • Look for jobs online, using sites such as

  • Take advantage of free job-hunting classes in your area. Saddleback Church offers free classes in branding, resume and cover letter help, interviewing, and effectively using linked-in.  These courses can be invaluable.

  • Make an outstanding Resume and cover letter (see tip #6.) This is now your “first impression.”

  • Get letters of recommendation from your former supervisors as well as co-workers who saw your work and think well of you. Get them now and get at least 3 if you can.  They need to be signed and in pdf form.

  • Make a linked-in profile, and learn how to use it to its best advantage.

  • Understand the job field is now very competitive. Prepare to apply for a lot of jobs.  Do not see rejection as failure, but rather progress, and a chance to learn what you don’t know.

  • Volunteer! Volunteer in your community and at your church.  This will use and demonstrate valuable job skills and help cover holes in your employment history.  This is especially necessary for stay-at-home moms.

  • Talk to everyone you know about your job search. So many people are now looking for work.  They have tips to offer you, and you have tips to offer them.  They know people you don’t know.  Network with them and pray for each other.

  • Remember, looking for work is now your full-time job. Use this time well!