Boy Scouts of America Drops Ban on Gay Scout Leaders

Tamara QuimiroArticles, Featured

 Will the Mormon Church abandon the Boy Scouts of America now that the BSA has lifted the ban on gay adults serving as scout leaders?

The Mormons sponsor half of all Boy Scout troops. Each of their churches has a unit and every Mormon boy is automatically enrolled in Cub Scouts at age 8. So if the LDS crowd bails, what will be left of the BSA?

The move comes with an “opt out” clause for church-sponsored groups . . . but it’s only a matter of time before that is challenged in court.

So . . . just to be clear . . . the organization that has more than 1200 child sexual assault cases currently pending (involving adult men who are attracted to and have abused underage boys) is now ENCOURAGING the recruitment of . . . adult men who are attracted to other men to lead young boys?

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