High School Seniors May Need To Pass Citizenship Test

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North Dakota is considering to require high school seniors to pass the U.S. citizenship test in order to graduate. The people who support the bill want students to have a basic understanding of American government and how it works. The bill is also being considered in Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Missouri and South Carolina. All citizens and legal or illegal …

Jeremy Dys “Dare to Believe” Club Prevails

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A Long Island, high school student petitioned to organize a Christian club named “Dare to Believe”. Liz Loverade, who attends Wantaugh High School, was rejected by the school’s principal. Loverade’s intent was to begin a club which expressed love overcoming the battles of a common teenager. The principal denied the petition to start the club because it was too religious. …

Adoption in Era of Abortion

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There are good news for the pro-life community as abortion rates have plummeted! Adoption rates have also dropped. The reason is there are more wedlock births ¬†and single moms raising their kids. It is good to see that people advocate adoption rather than abortion.