John Graham- Catching Faith

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Imagine the story of Elijah told through a modern-day tale of a mom whose “perfect Christian family” begins to unravel as a result of her “perfect son” getting into trouble with the law

 John Graham is the writer/director of this new project called “Catching Faith” (the story revolves around her son’s involvement on his local high school football team)

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Catching Faith – From the outside, Alexa has the perfect life. Her son is the high school football star, daughter a straight A student and her husband is CFO of a booming start-up company. The sudden death of her father, however, causes Alexa to realize there is more to life than appearances.

Her perfectly crafted social image is disrupted when she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Learning to embrace truth, Alexa rediscovers her faith and what it means to be family.