Look at Ballots After Voting!

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When you go to the polls next Tuesday, watch out that the candidates you voted for were actually selected. Early voters in Maryland caught their ballots switch from Republican votes to Democratic votes. The incident happened in Illinois. The reason for the errors was said to be a “calibration issue” by the Deputy Communications Director.  

Doug Haaland for 8th Assemblyman

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The candidate Doug Haaland who is running for the 8th Assembly talks is on the Bottom Line. A big issue in the 8th Assembly is currently the water issue. One of the other main issues on Haaland’s candidacy is public safety. Haaland also talks to Roger about his interesting relationship with Californians for Life.   Click Here For His Interview …

Paul Chabot On The Bottom Line

Tamara Quimiro Guests

Paul Chabot is a war veteran and a small business owner who is running for the 31st Congressional District. He has been identified by Bob Dutko and Roger as one of the two key races for “Bottom Line” listeners in the Inland Empire. Chabot is also passionately Pro-Life. Click Here For Interview