Did California Governor Jerry Brown Squash a Bipartisan Plan by Legislators that Could have PREVENTED the Wildfires Now Ravaging the Golden State?

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California is currently experiencing the most deadly brush fires in state history – and both political parties are taking aim at the other in assessing who’s to blame. But a new report suggests the Democratic Governor Jerry Brown may, in fact, actually bear some of the blame! Read More Here

The “Tolerance Crowd” Hates Former Major Leaguer for His Views on the Transgender Bathroom Issue

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How will Houston’s vote on Proposition 1 (formerly known as Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance) impact a future vote on California’s transgender bathroom bill? Former Houston Astros’ star Lance Berkman is under fire from gay rights groups for recording a campaign ad against Prop 1, sighting his belief in traditional biblical values. Meanwhile in California, momentum is building to gather signatures …