The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Laments that ‘Voters are Being Too Heavily Influenced by What They Hear in the Pulpit on Sunday Mornings.

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The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee went public last week with his complaint that Conservatives are getting their information from “FOX News, the NRA and the pulpit on Sunday.” CALL-IN QUESTION: Do you believe that pastors are getting too political from the pulpit? Or not political enough? Learn More Here

Joe Dallas- “400 Pastors will Resign this Sunday Because of the Ashley Madison Scandal”

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A new report suggests that as many as 400 pastors and other church leaders will be resigning their positions this Sunday due to allegations that they were active on, the notorious website promoting extra-marital affairs. – Should we be surprised that many of these same leaders openly denounced the move to legalize same-sex “marriage” as an abomination against God …