Are the Veggie Tales Racist?

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A so-called “Whiteness Forum” at California State University in San Marcos suggested that VeggieTales videos are “racist” because of the villains in their stories usually have ethnic sounding accents while the “heroes” in each story usually “sound white.” CALL-IN QUESTION: Do you agree that the VeggieTales video series has racist overtones? Read More Here

Former Miss Ohio USA Reprimanded for Telling the TRUTH About Abortion in the Black Community

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A student at Ohio State University law school is in hot water with administrators over her contention that abortion unfairly targets the African-American community. Madison Gesiotto published an op-ed in the school newspaper making the claim – but administrators censored her after a white (male) student complained that her “opinion” was “racist” (even though the actual STATISTICS support HER claim). …