A Public School in Virginia has Banned All Christmas Songs that Mention the Name of Jesus. If this Happened at Your Child’s School, How Would You Respond?

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A Virginia middle school recently sent an email to all parents informing them that Christmas songs about Santa or Frosty are fine – but those that mention the birth of Jesus will NOT be permitted. CALL-IN  QUESTION: If you child or grandchild attended this school, how would YOU respond to the administration that came up with this proposal? Read More …

Did California Governor Jerry Brown Squash a Bipartisan Plan by Legislators that Could have PREVENTED the Wildfires Now Ravaging the Golden State?

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California is currently experiencing the most deadly brush fires in state history – and both political parties are taking aim at the other in assessing who’s to blame. But a new report suggests the Democratic Governor Jerry Brown may, in fact, actually bear some of the blame! Read More Here

Children’s Hospital Removes Gender from IDs

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The “diversity task force” at a children’s hospital in Colorado recommends not identifying patients as either “male” or “female” on their wristbands – so as not to offend transgender or “gender-non-conforming” patients. CALL-IN QUESTION: Do you agree with the hospital’s decision?  Read Article Here

Guest Candace Payne – ” Simple Joys – Discovering Wonder in the Everyday”

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Yesterday she was on “Good Morning America” – and today she’s on The Bottom Line! Candace Payne, the internet sensation known as “Chewbacca Mom” shares how her faith in Christ helps her discover the wonder in the everyday – a theme she develops in her new book, “Simple Joys.” Laughter that makes your stomach hurt, the perfect cup of coffee, …