Children’s Hospital Removes Gender from IDs

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The “diversity task force” at a children’s hospital in Colorado recommends not identifying patients as either “male” or “female” on their wristbands – so as not to offend transgender or “gender-non-conforming” patients. CALL-IN QUESTION: Do you agree with the hospital’s decision?  Read Article Here

Tyler Langhofer: Why did the Colorado College of Mines Choose to End Donor Program Rather than Allow Bible Verses on Plaques?”

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How did the use of one Bible verse drive a prominent college to drop a successful fundraising donation program for its athletic department? Tyler Langhoffer, legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, who represent a student who is at odds with the Colorado School of Mines over his desire to include to passages of Scripture on the nameplate over his …

7 Indicted in Colorado Sex Trafficking Ring

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A Colorado grand jury just indicted 7 people accused of running a sex trafficking ring in the Denver area. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month . . . and stories like this one need to be publicized so that the public can be better informed about how to spot potential trafficking victims or report perpetrators. Read more here