Alternative Medicine for Diabetes

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Harvard researchers are claiming that embryonic stem cells are being used to “cure diabetes.”   The study included use of embryonic stem cells as well as adult stem cells.  Scientists were successful in creating insulin using stem cells, however, when they reproduced the study without the embryonic cells, the result were the same.

No on Prop 47

Tamara Quimiro Articles

Prop 47,  the bill that is supposed to create Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Funds, as well as reduce prison sentences, does not sound like a good idea after 65% of the money stays with the system.

New Free Medical Class

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Your tax dollars are hard at work…teaching med students at UC San Francisco how to perform abortions!  

The Fight for Freedom

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There’s a fight for democracy in Hong Kong and Christians are playing a pivotal role in the battle.  Dr. David Aikman is on “The Bottom Line” to discuss what this means for Christians in Communist China