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An Orange County pastor and his son are on a mission to “Trevorize” every major sports stadium in America in order to bring awareness to the contributions of men and women with Down Syndrome   – Pastor Robert Hendershot calls the day his son Trevor was born “simultaneously the best AND worst day of my life.” Robert and his wife, …

Kristopher Polahu and Chris Dowling- “Where Hope Grows”

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Should parents of Down Syndrome children abort these kids after discovering of their kids have this condition? A powerful new movie (also released today) makes  a strong statement for NOT aborting Down Syndrome children. The movie is called, “Where Hope Grows” and it tells the story of a washed up former MLB player who forms an unlikely friendship with a …

New York Times Op-Ed Slams Ohio for Promoting Bill Banning Abortion for Down Syndrome

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The New York Times issued a blistering rebuke of Ohio legislators for seeking to ban abortions based on “fetal deformities” like Down Syndrome. I’m going to walk through this Op-Ed line by line to expose the hypocrisy of their line of thinking. This kind of rhetoric is culturally damaging but surprisingly effective in rallying the pro-abortion crowd.