Fewer Abortions but More Government Funding for Planned Parenthood Last Year

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Planned Parenthood just released their annual report for the fiscal year 2014 – 2015. They run fewer clinics than they did the year before – and the number of services they offered is DOWN overall . . . but their funding from the federal government INCREASED by $27 million. Here’s a summary  Here’s the report

Abortion Clinics in Wisconsin are Mimicking Pregnancy Resource Centers by Offering Free Food and Lodging to Women Who Want Abortions

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More proof that women are finding pregnancy resource centers and clinics more helpful and effective than abortion clinics: one Wisconsin abortion clinic is attempting to offer the same kind of “care” the PRC’s do in hopes of boosting their dwindling numbers! Read more here

Court Rejects National Abortion Federation Attempt to Stop Center for Medical Progress Videos

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Good news for the Center for Medical Progress as a federal judge has dismissed a challenge from the National Abortion Federation requesting that the CMP be blocked from releasing any more videos showing the sale of baby body parts form abortion clinics. The NAF represents non-Planned Parenthood clinics (they perform 2/3 of all abortions nationwide but aren’t aligned into one …