Wisconsin Will Defend Pro-Life Law Requiring Admitting Privileges for Abortionists

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A “Good on Ya” to Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel who will actually DEFEND his state’s law requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges. The measure was passed in JuneĀ 2013 but Planned Parenthood challenged it one month later. In March 2015, a local court overturned the law – and the 7th District Court upheld it in November . . . …

Abortion Clinics in Wisconsin are Mimicking Pregnancy Resource Centers by Offering Free Food and Lodging to Women Who Want Abortions

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More proof that women are finding pregnancy resource centers and clinics more helpful and effective than abortion clinics: one Wisconsin abortion clinic is attempting to offer the same kind of “care” the PRC’s do in hopes of boosting their dwindling numbers! Read more here