Jim Burns- “The Importance of Passing on a Legacy of Faith to Our Kids and Grandkids”

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It’s never too late to start passing your faith in Christ on to your children – and it is even more vital to do so in a culture that works so diligently to “separate God and country.” Parenting and family expert Dr. Jim Burns (of the HomeWord ministry) has written a new book to help equip parents to help guide …

Jeremy Dys “Dare to Believe” Club Prevails

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A Long Island, high school student petitioned to organize a Christian club named “Dare to Believe”. Liz Loverade, who attends Wantaugh High School, was rejected by the school’s principal. Loverade’s intent was to begin a club which expressed love overcoming the battles of a common teenager. The principal denied the petition to start the club because it was too religious. …

Ron Rhodes “The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy”

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Arguing and debating over biblical truth is our responsibility as well as our God-given right. Dr. Ron Rhodes deals with eight of the most common debates Christians have regarding Bible prophecy. His book is called The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy: Understanding The Ongoing Controversies.   Click Here to Listen to Roger’s Conversation with Ron Rhodes